Friday, August 14, 2009

The New Queen has arrived!

It has been a bee kind of week. I am now an official certified beekeeper and it was suggested by the bee inspector to re-queen one of my hives. I mailed ordered a Cordoban Queen and she arrived this morning.I inserted the small cage she came in to the bottom hive and let her worker bees smell her and get know her through her pheromones. Then they will liberate her by eating the candy that seals her cage.
She will then take her mating flight and then get busy laying eggs..

The smoker:

 Smoking the hive before we open it.

A top frame:
I hope to see the moment when she is cut loose by her bees
and she takes that first mating flight.
Will keep vigil for the next few days! I will keep you informed.

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  1. Please do, this is really fascinating to me. I'll be watching for the bee updates!