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Flow, Fabric, Wax, Rust on Board, 2' x 8'



Beeswax Collage on Feb 25 at the Art Center Sarasota.

Beeswax with Mixed Media with Elena De La Ville
1 day workshop, 
 February 25, 2015
10:00am - 3:00pm
All levels

In this workshop you will learn how to use beeswax together with your mixed media work, as you discover techniques such as layering, transparency, mark making and wax transfers. We will be working entirely with beeswax, so no glues are necessary.

Expand your vocabulary while seeing how this medium can be used in your work.

Encaustic Painting at Ringling College of Art + Design 

 Encaustic Painting
3 sessions, 18 hours, M-W, 10 AM-4 PM
VPTW824, March 9-11
$485, Elena De La Ville
Encaustic (hot wax) painting is an ancient medium, first used by the Greeks, that has gained popularity with contemporary artists. A permanent and non-toxic medium encaustic often results in exquisite, luminous painting effects. Daily demonstrations are followed by hands-on studio practice. Learn about suitable grounds supports, encaustic materials, combining encaustic and oil sticks, tools for surface incising, and stencils. This intensive course is designed for all levels of beginning, intermediate, and advanced painters, as well as those familiar with encaustic. The returning encaustic student will be guided to develop and expand upon a personal style and theme, resulting in an integrated body of work. Tuition covers all encaustic and oil stick materials and supports. Early enrollment is recommended, as space is limited. Member benefits or promotional savings are not applicable. (Certificate Program Code: FE)   


You can see forever... On top of the world and right off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Elena De La Ville
MM910A, Tuition: $395

Through personal experimentation using paint, collage and beeswax, create richly textured expressive images based on the fundamental principals of art combined with the exploration of the elements of chance and order. Beginners are encouraged to let their creativity bloom while finding their personal style; experienced artists are urged to take this opportunity to explore new directions in fresh and unexpected ways. A history of mixed media along with demonstrations and experimental techniques will be presented throughout the workshop. All skill levels are welcome in this fun, adventurous class. (Certificate Program Code: FE)
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Elena De La Ville
Tuition: $395
In this week long workshop artists explore abstract painting using cold wax medium, tube oils, pigment sticks, and layering with a variety of implements.  We will investigate new ways to create textures, color fields and mark making while focusing on developing a personal vocabulary emphasizing the process and its experimental nature. Participants will use an array of non-traditional tools and techniques to build layers and add depth.  Ample workshop time will be supplemented with periodic critiques, presentations and discussions. This workshop is well suited for those who have had some prior painting experience and beginners wanting to experiment with new techniques.   (Certificate Program Code: FE)
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Sun Circle Art Show

March 14th at Sapphire Shores Park.. Community artists showcase..
From 11 to 5 pm . Sarasota, FL

The N.A.W.A. Gallery 80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1405, New York, NY 10011

Voices: An Artist’s Perspective 

 Very happy to be included in this:Happy to be included in Voices: An Artist’s Perspective. At the NAWA gallery in NYC.. A feminist exhibition with 26 women artists raising their voices to tell individual stories that advocate for the fight for social, cultural, economic and political rights and the inclusion of all voices in its push for gender equality and identity using a woman’s voice as the visual narrative to effect change.


Curating an exhibit at the Art Center Sarasota:

When I first envisioned curating this exhibition on Latin American women artists, I knew I wanted to create an exhibition to give free rein in a rich, multimedia platform where any person from any background could come and personally experience the incredible diversity, strength and talents of Venezuelan people from around the world.
Opening March 19th.

Stay tuned.. 

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