Friday, August 9, 2013

August musings

My daughter and I enjoying the  sunset

What a wonderful 3 weeks! I drove up to the Blue Ridge mountains in NC to teach at Wildacres, part of the Ringling art program, I stopped at Cherokee National Forest, stayed over night at Madison, GA. beautiful small town, hiked to Crabtree, Linville and Banner Elk falls, trekked up and down mountains and trails.

I taught 2 different classes: Photography and Mixed Media, with great participation by the students. It is like being at camp, make art all day, get bells to let you know when food is served, get to see old friends and fellow artists.

Jonie Scott, print maker and artist extraordinaire.

Last day as I was leaving, in the fog

Beautiful weather and mist

Studio door in NC

The town laundermat

Banner Elk falls

Some of my hiking buddies on the trails

Just before my trip to NC, my daughter and granddaughter visited me.
It was a good, and also bittersweet visit. For as long as it was, there were many more things to share.

She is an incredible Graphic designer in Milano, with her own company, apart from company identity she specializes in designing book covers.

Take a look:

Camille Barrios


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