Monday, April 2, 2012

New Work

Spring Time in Florida

Me and my New Totems
So exited to present my new body of work: Totems # 5, 6 and 7…
Encaustic on board, cloth, rust, paper and wax. Aprox: 6.5 ' x 7"
I have been working on these for the past month and a half and feel a deep rooted connection with them. Me and my Totems, My totems and I, these have become Protectors of Space in one sense, in which my history and desires have been projected onto them. It all started 2 months ago when I visited a collector and saw one of my first Totems I had created. 

Totems and moi


It seems incredible that the 6th International EncausticConference is coming up in a couple of months…
This year has gone by in a big creative blur and I have attained most of my goals that I had set for myself. It has been a good year, so I am ready to go back!

Oh, yes,,, Springtime in Florida!!! The weather has been spectacular and have had wonderful, meaningful visits from sisters... so here is some of the fun things we did:

At Spanish Point Marina

Sashimi Tuna with Wasabi.... YUM!

Tapas at Happy Hour at Darwin's on 4th.

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