Monday, August 8, 2011

Shirin Neshat

Woman of Allah@ Shirin Neshat

I have always loved Shirin's photographs of Iranian women.. I posted about her film:
"Women without Men" in an earlier post:

Here are some more:

In an Interesting interview conduted several years ago by John Lekay of Heyoka magazine:
"Is one of your intentions to investigate or subvert stereotypes? "

 Shirin says:   " In regard to your point, my interest in the subject of women is partially due to the fact that as a woman I feel closer and more sympathetic toward their situation living under oppressive societies. But also, because I believe in Islamic societies such as in Iran, by studying the predicament of the women, one could learn about the overall ideological structure of the political system that rules the country. "

I Am it's Secret, 1993

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